Jade City


VAULT Festival
6 – 10 February 2019

A punchy and hot-headed show exploring the dark, toxic and tumultuous friendship of two lads in east Belfast.

Sas and Monty are trapped in this place and in their heads. Their friendship orbits around a damaging and violent event from their pasts. Their imaginative and playful ‘game’ is the only way they can process the mess they feel inside.

Jade City uses rich language and powerful theatrical imagery to explore male friendship and toxic masculinity. The play talks sensitively about a brutally damaging event in two lives, and explores aspects of masculinity and mental health which affect many communities across Belfast, the UK and Ireland. Against these big topics, and as a way to escape the mundanity and trauma of their lives, the men have created a game. It is playful, childish, and allows them to explore their own lives and truths, to devastating effect.

Jade City is suitable for audiences of 15+ and contains strong language and description of rape.

Writer: Alice Malseed
Director: Katherine Nesbitt
Movement Director: David Quinn
Sound Designer: Michael Mormecha
Stage Manager: Philippa Mannion
Co-produced by View From Here Theatre

Cast: Barry Calvert and Brendan Quinn